about mel

I've had a different parenting journey than my mom friends: secondary infertility, repeat and unexplained baby loss (four) and parenting a child with an incurable and demanding chronic illness. It's been very different from the plan Sam and I hatched back when we decided to go off the pill.

It has also been vastly more beautiful and meaningful than we imagined.

I hope that when you view my work you feel joy in motion. I want you to know that within these same photos are identities and circumstances less visual but no less important: neurodiversity, gender non-conformity, disability, chronic illness, single parenting by choice, divorce, adoption, infertility, child loss, spouse loss and so much more. Parenthood is the ultimate experience of "and": we can hold joy and grief, we can be uncertain and wise, dazzling and flawed.

Family photography doesn't always hold space for us to come as everything we are. With my portrait sessions you don't have to show out, you just have to show up. We'll come up with a game plan. If you need direction I can give that and if you don't, I won't interfere.

I have two sticky notes on my monitor. One says, "Blessed be the Mirrors" (from a convo between Morgan Nichole Harper and Kate Bowler) and the other says "I am cringe but I am free." (Domee Shi, creator of Turning Red). I come to every shoot ready to hold a mirror for you to see just how extraordinary your ordinary is. I come to every shoot vulnerable, open and honestly a little giddy/goofy.

The CV: BA in theology (world religions) from Georgetown University (magna cum laude), Brennan medal in theology, MFA in photography from VCU, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellow, national exhibiting artist, business owner since 2001. My favorite things include wool, knitting, paddle boarding, coffee, twerking, bright red lipstick, writing and chocolate cookies slightly under baked.

Thanks for doing so much reading on my behalf and I can't wait to connect with you.

xo, Mel