about mel

I've had a different parenting journey than my other mom friends: secondary infertility, repeat and unexplained baby loss (four) and parenting a child with an incurable and demanding chronic illness. It's been very different from the plan Sam and I hatched back when we decided to go off the pill.

It has also been vastly more beautiful and meaningful than we imagined. I am lucky that my partner is also a photographer: our son's first full sentence was: "put down the cramera!!!" (intentionally misspelled, that's how his sweet self said it). All this "cramera work" provided artful evidence of each phase of childhood, even some of the hard things (to see, click on Our Photo Story). Taking these pictures of our unintentionally-only, only child has helped us move through each phase of childhood by giving us something to hold onto while we readied ourselves for the next phase. Our deep appreciation for these photos in our life helped inspire me to provide this service to you while also giving tips and tricks to help you keep your own document going, even when I'm not around. (To subscribe click here.)

I hope that when you view my work you feel joy in motion, peace in stillness, beauty in chaos and love connecting it all. No two families are the same and I am intentional in making space for you to come come as you are and bring more of your lived life together into view.

Some extras and the CV: BA in theology (world religions) from Georgetown University (magna cum laude), Brennan medal in theology, MFA in photography from VCU, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellow, national exhibiting artist, business owner since 2001. My favorite things include wool & knitting, paddle boarding, coffee, twerking, red lipstick, writing and chocolate chip cookies slightly under baked. And hugs from a certain boy who is still willing to be held for a few moments and who always has my heart.

I can't wait to connect with you on this parenting journey...

xo, Mel