Northern Virginia Family Photographer

You probably have tons of photos of your kids on your phone but it's so important to document your family's life and dynamics together. I work as a family photographer to capture everyone's authentic personalities and the bonds that you share as a family.

Whether you're looking for a half hour outdoor mini session, a documentary style session, or something in between, I would love the opportunity to photography your unique family! I keep things active, playful, meaningful, and real, and it's OK if everyone isn't always smiling or looking at the camera. Lifestyle family photography isn't meant to be stiff poses—I want everyone to be comfortable and capture your family interacting as you do every day!

ALL families are welcome in front of my lens: if you require accommodations, let me know how to make everyone feel comfortable and included.

Family photography details

Family photoshoots are available around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. We can do the photo session in your home or outside, whatever suits your family best! Sessions are designed to be easy and relaxed, so don't worry about dressing up in your nicest clothes or prepping your home.

*Investments begin at $400

two girl cousins play with a bubble machine in the grass

If you're ready to schedule your family photoshoot or if you have some questions, get in touch!

three generations sit on a couch, toys are in the background, everyone is looking at the two year old
two moms hug their children while sitting on park steps
a dad blows a giant bubble that makes the toddler and mom's face bigger
an extended family is gathered for a group photo, an uncle on the far side jumps impressively high
a family of 5 jumps on a trampoline full of fall leaves
parents lift their toddler girl so she can reach a cherry blossom, tree boughs are above them
a family hugs in front of a flower bush, mom is overly dramatic and makes autistic and teen daughters smile
a family of 5 wearing Jurassic park costumes "rides dinosaurs" towards the camera
a family is playing video games on the couch, mom reaches across dad to high five one kid while the other looks mad
a mom opens a kitchen cabinet to find her hiding son, the dog is running through the foreground
a family of four stands in the autumn leaves with their dog with sun flare lighting them
a baby walks supported by her parents, smiling towards the camera
a family of four is raking leaves, the youngest pops out of the leaf stack in the foreground
a family is making pancake breakfast: dad is at the sink, son is pouring batter and mom is opening the microwave
a teenager jumps his scooter in the garage as his mom looks on from the door