newborns & Baby's First Year

“Every child begins the world again.” —Henry David Thoreau

Newborn Sessions

This session takes place at home and is baby led, capturing your wonder and care as new parents. The session is designed to be stress-free with a focus on family connection, environment, and this sweet but chaotic time during which your universe realigns.

"12 months, 12 faces" - unknown

Baby's First Year Bundle

Designed to capture this phenomenon, bundle 3 sessions during baby's first year. Popular milestones to choose include maternity portraits, newborn (1-3 weeks after birth), first smiles (6-12 weeks old), sitting up (5-9 months), crawling/pulling up (6-12 months), cake smash (one year) and walking (9-20 months). Single sessions are available at any age.

(P.S. - You grow a lot too!)