"In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine." - Maya Angelou

a Korean American mom tickles her youngest son with the dad and older son behind
two moms sit on a staircase with their two children, everyone is hugging and smiling
a mixed race, mix generation family poses together making silly faces, the uncle on the far right is in a mid air jump
a family hugs in front of a flowering bush, holding their autistic daughter in the center
a Black family hugs in the fall foliage with sunlight around them
a pre-teen girl with purple braces and purple hair poses for the camera
a Black boy in a hat and jeans jacket holds a pea pod he discovered on a bush towards the camera
a boy hugs his sister with developmental disability, he grins small and she grins big
two sisters dance while holding hands in front of a barn, big sun flare shines on them
close up of a mixed race family holding and snuggling their new dog who looks at the camera
a family of 5 poses for a portrait, daughter and baby wear Batman costumes and son has Star Wars shirt
four brothers walking jump for a football that is falling mid air
a young Black boy holds a big bunch of fall leaves, his pregnant mother and his father are behind him
Two brothers pose together in the cherry blossom, the boy on the left has ectodermal dysplasias
a Black mother laughs with her daughter who is wearing a crown and holding a wand with a star


If you aren't ready for at home coverage but love a more casual approach -- or if you just need a quick update for holiday cards -- this is a great alternative! 30 minutes and full of movement, we keep it light and fun so that real smiles and affection come through. I always try for one "money shot" -- the one where everyone looks at the camera at the same time -- but don't be surprised if your favs aren't on the money.