about the Photography

You'll take a bazillion pictures of your child during 18 years that go by lightning fast. But what about photos of you parenting? What about photos of your kids being loved by you? What about photos that describe what life looked like and felt like as a family?

I believe you need these photos, which is why I became a newborn and family photographer in Northern Virginia. Photos to supplement memories babies can't make for themselves. Photos that show your children that they are loved just the way they are. Photos that show you what an amazing job you are doing right now. Photos that your children will draw strength from much later as they become partners and parents themselves.

Often we wait for something special before hiring a photographer. The perfect event, the perfect weather, the perfect place, the perfect weight or outfit or whatever we think might be better than today.

We must find our joy and worthiness right now! If you're not sure what I mean yet, read more about why you need these important photos (but grab some tissues before you do).

If I'm lucky enough to meet you before the childhood journey begins, we'll take newborn portraits in those early, life changing days. I hope to come by a couple times throughout the first year to document the incredible changes in them and in you as well.

We can get started anywhere on your journey, at any age, we can even do a mini session if that's more your jam. And I hope to help provide and inspire print and book display options so that your family can see your deep bond and devotion anytime, every day.

Even if you never hire me, I want to share documentary tips through my blog and on the Gram, and I hope you'll tag me when you take a photo you are excited to share. We may be on different timelines but we are on this parenting journey together. And even when I'm not around to take your picture, I want you to cheer you on as you #documentyourdays.